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YEAR 2019

Creating authentic and Character for most Luxury Residential project

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Martin Stewart


Jimmy Smith


London, UK




Residential Project



Sharon is a highly skilled and qualified CPA accountant with over 10 years of accounting experience, especially in taxation and bookkeeping in both public and private sectors. She works with a diverse range of business structures, mainly small to medium-sized, privately owned business within retail, property, building and construction, and other professional and service industries.

Daniel Hounsell

Finance Manager

Daniel is a highly professional and experienced finance manager with over 10 years of experience in financial analysis, engineering and consulting across diverse sectors such as in both commercial and property finance as well as financial market trading.

Jonathon Timms

Project Manager

Jonathon represents a family office that manages assets in venture capital, property development, agriculture and Fintech. With disciplines in economics and investigative journalism, Jonathon speaks English and conversational mandarin. With 15 years’ experience with long-term consulting and advisory roles within listed and private companies in Australia, China and Angola, Jonathon has established a track record of delivering outcomes in capital raising, mergers and acquisitions and execution strategy in each of these jurisdictions.

Thomas Shortall

Project Manager

Tom has 15 years of civil and construction experience including managing major civil projects throughout Victoria and regional Victoria for multinational and private contractors. Tom started in landscape construction servicing high end design projects for Melbourne’s luxury housing market. Tom has managed teams tasked with delivering core infrastructure in telecommunications, government projects, public infrastructure, and private infrastructure.

Paul Obod

Development Manager

With over 30 years of architectural design and property development project management experience, Paul has managed and successfully completed over 250 projects and has been actively involved in creating in excess of AUD$1billion worth of real-estate assets.

Terence Timms


Our achievements are driven by our people: experienced leaders and emerging talent. The way in which we care for, develop and encourage our people is integral to our culture. We take a complementary approach, which means putting a tailored team that can deliver on any type of project.